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Red education base of Public Security Bureau


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This project is a red education base of a Public Security Bureau in Shandong Province. It is a place for comprehensive use of language and music amplification. It can be used for daily meetings of the Public Security Bureau, various cultural performances, press releases, large and medium-sized meetings, academic reports, and other activities. Therefore, the sound reinforcement system should have high speech clarity, uniform sound field distribution, good listening conditions, good sense of direction and program fidelity, appropriate sound pressure level and high transmission gain. At the same time, it should have the fullness, brightness and sense of direction when amplifying music, as well as the shocking power of playing film and television effect films. According to different functions, the sound reinforcement system can be combined conveniently and flexibly to meet the needs of the scene. The sound reinforcement equipment system is an important part of it. After strict screening, we finally decide to choose the TRS solution of Lingjie sound.




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