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Jiangsu Yuetang culture and Sports Center

TRScasesharing:v-110lineararraysystemhelpsJiangsuYuetangcultureandSportsCenter Recently,theinstallationandcommissioningofJiangsuYuetangcultureandSportsCenterproject,whichisjointlybuiltbyLingjieenterpriseandengineeringcompany,hasbeencompleted.Theprojectcoverstheinstallationandcommissioningofstagesound,stagelighting,LEDdisplayscreenandothersupportingequipment.LingjieenterprisehaswonthetrustofPartyAbyvirtueofprofessionaltechnologyandmatureprograms,andhasprovidedhigh-qualitysoundreinforcementsystemsolutionsforJiangsuYuetangcultureandsportscenterwithits"TRS"soundsystem.

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TRS case sharing: v-110 linear array system helps Jiangsu Yuetang culture and Sports Center
Recently, the installation and commissioning of Jiangsu Yuetang culture and Sports Center project, which is jointly built by Lingjie enterprise and engineering company, has been completed. The project covers the installation and commissioning of stage sound, stage lighting, LED display screen and other supporting equipment. Lingjie enterprise has won the trust of Party A by virtue of professional technology and mature programs, and has provided high-quality sound reinforcement system solutions for Jiangsu Yuetang culture and sports center with its "TRS" sound system.




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