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In 1986, TRS electroacoustic laboratory was founded in Minnesota. It is a leading professional speaker system designer and manufacturer. Inspired by his love of music and a dream to create the perfect speaker. His lifelong pursuit has led to generations of speakers and audio drivers setting new standards for excellent sound quality. TRS speakers in the United States have been loved by sound engineers and acoustic designers all over the world for their high definition and strong shock characteristics, with the perfect combination of natural art and advanced professional technology.


The manufacturing process of TRS not only pays attention to the originality and compatibility of product technology, but also injects the concept of human nature of modern industrial design into TRS brand. While providing users with high-quality pure professional audio products, TRS also integrates the shape design with the time and changes in the trend of high-end private cinema, becoming the pioneer of audio design concept. In 2003, in order to carry out a wider range of R & D and marketing resource integration, TRS established a modern professional audio equipment production base in mainland China, which has provided first-class product quality to consumers all over the world, and has gained a lot of experience in continuously meeting the demanding market requirements. Now it has applied its design concept to fixed installation, theater and commercial Special needs of movie bar, high-end private cinema and other markets.


TRS products not only tour the international stage, but also find their presence in many fixed installation occasions, such as conference hall, multi-functional hall, theater, church, sports center, coffee house, pub, bar, hotel, nightclub, dance hall, commercial cinema, villa private cinema, etc.


In order to spread advanced culture and create space, TRS people always regard music as the visible ideal and sensible civilization of human beings, and to create high-quality professional audio equipment for consumers to enjoy the world's classic art is a way of expression for TRS people to contribute to the society and challenge the limit, which makes TRS audio have a rare and ultimate pure and beautiful character. With the time of the world, what solidifies will be the sound landscape of the world - USA TRS audio.



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We adhere to the business philosophy of excellent quality, reasonable price, fast delivery and thoughtful service.


TRS speakers in the United States, with the perfect combination of natural art and advanced professional technology, have always been loved by global sound engineers and acoustic designers for their high definition and strong shock.

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