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▼ Unique Room Sound Energy Balance design which simplifies commissioning

▼ HIFI-level hardware design, mellow sound, delicate tone

▼ Microphone processing with 15-segment high-precision parametric equalization for easier debugging

▼ Each channel outputs with independent 7-band EQ to precisely adjust the speaker curve

▼ Independent 100ms delay for each channel output, flexible setting of speaker placement

▼ Innovative advanced algorithm of DSP feedback suppression to effectively eliminate howling

▼ Independent 5.1 channel output, each channel has EQ, pressure limit and delay function

▼ Innovative stereo Echo technology, independent adjustment of left and right Echo and excellent reverb function

▼ The settings of one machine can be copied to another machine through software, simplifying project debugging

▼ Perfect support for PC serial RS232 wired control

▼ Full function menu, also can be set through the PC interface

▼ In addition to high and low pass, EQ, the MIC channel also adds a bass softening function, which effectively improves the sound thickness of the microphone

▼ Adopt ADI 32-bit floating point DSP and 24-bit AD / DA with excellent performance, all functions are processed by DSP

▼ Dimension(LxWxH): 483x218.5x47.5mm

▼ Weight: 3.5kg

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TRS speakers in the United States, with the perfect combination of natural art and advanced professional technology, have always been loved by global sound engineers and acoustic designers for their high definition and strong shock.

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