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■ This series of products are karaoke processor with speaker processor function, each part of the function is independently adjustable;

■ Adopt advanced 24BIT data bus and 32BIT DSP architecture;

■ The music input channel is equipped with 7 bands of parametric equalization;

■ The microphone input channel is provided with 15 segments of parametric equalization;

■ The main output is equipped with 5 segments of parametric equalization;

■ Equipped with 3 segments of parametric equalization in the center, rear and ultra-low frequency output;

■ The microphone is equipped with a 3-level feedback suppressor, which can be selected on / off;

■ 16 modes can be stored in advance;

■ All output channels are equipped with limiters and delayers;

■ Built-in manager mode and user mode;

■ With perfect PC software, very intuitive equalizer curve.

■ Super strong anti-shock circuit design to better protect your equipment.

■ Weight 3.5kg

■ Dimension: 47.5x483x218.5mm

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TRS speakers in the United States, with the perfect combination of natural art and advanced professional technology, have always been loved by global sound engineers and acoustic designers for their high definition and strong shock.

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