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12” active two-way full range speaker


CORA-12 is an active two-way multi-purpose speaker with a 1.73" titanium film high-frequency compression driver with a 90° x 60° elliptical wide-band constant-directivity waveguide horn, combined with a 12" low-frequency driver unit. Multi-angle inverted phase box structure, solid with good acoustic characteristics. CORA-12 can be used for speech or music sound reinforcement, such as an independent full-range system or with a large-scale distributed sound reinforcement system. With other series of subwoofers, it can easily produce higher levels of music programs. The multi-angle cabinet structure can be mounted vertically or horizontally. CORA-12 uses multi-layer plywood to manufacture the box body and solid environmental protection coating to protect the outer casing. The speaker adopts a polygonal mesh metal mesh cover with an acoustic sound-permeable sponge for speaker protection. 2X700W Class D power amplifier module of the aluminum alloy case is built behind the speaker. DSP module, electronic crossover and limit protection and other devices, the panel is equipped with a set of JACK/XLR output sockets and volume adjustment knobs, LED display power, level and overload status 4 groups of built-in preset mode selection.



Speaker model: CORA-12 active two-way multi-purpose speaker

Unit type: 12" LOW+1*1.73" HI

Power (AES/Program): 600W/1200W

Impedance: 8Ω

Sensitivity (1 W/m): 97dB

Maximum sound pressure level: 123dB (peak@1m)

Frequency response range: 60~20KHz (±3dB)

Projection angle (V × H) 90° × 60°

Dimensions(WxHxD): 410x685x390mm

Weight: 27.5kg

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