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V-10SUB active subwoofer features a three-channel power amplifier module with a high-performance digital signal processing system. The V-10SUB has two balanced line inputs and one signal output port, plus one power input and output port, which fully meets the needs of use and also facilitates system expansion. With high-performance two-in and three-out DSP digital audio signal processor, various scene parameters can be set according to different application requirements and different number of speakers. The control software setting and quick key retrieval can greatly simplify the system construction process. The full-frequency channel and the ultra-low frequency channel can be independently adjusted in size, which can achieve the best effect in a very short time. The power amplifier module used in the V-10SUB adopts an efficient class D power amplifier circuit design, combined with an integrated cast aluminum backplane with heat dissipation function, so it has high energy conversion efficiency, power up to 500W+500W+1000W, and volume. Compact and stable performance. While ensuring the effect, it fully considers the position in a variety of different installation and use modes. It is indeed convenient to transport, easy to install, convenient to debug, convenient to expand, convenient to combine, and can fully meet the needs of various small and medium-sized performances!


Technical Parameters

Speaker Model: V-10SUB

Unit configuration: 18" (460 mm) bass unit,

Frequency response: 38Hz-200Hz

Rated power: 1000W

Sensitivity: 98dB

Maximum sound pressure level: 132dB

Standard impedance: 8Ω

Supporting power amplifier module: 2x500W+1000W (8Ω), 2 input and 3 output DSP

Input method: 2xLINE input, 1XLINK signal connection output

Connection method: 2x Speakon NL4

Size (mm): 585 × 770 × 734 (W × H × D)

Net weight (kg): 54.4

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