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CT series of karaoke theater speaker system integration is the new series of products in TRS audio home theater, professional for families, enterprises and institutions, multi-function hall, club, volume type room and the development of a multifunctional speaker system, can satisfy the HIFI room listening to music, singing karaoke, big dynamic DISCO dance festival, games, such as multi-functional purposes.

◎ Compact loudspeaker is specially designed for immersing sound format, with high power output, flexible installation, fashionable appearance and high cost performance. The box body adopts the unit inverse-phase trapezoid design, with large dynamics and low distortion, to meet the dynamic requirements of all kinds of films. The truly restored space reverberation process has a moving audiovisual and a sense of the scene combining with the scene, making people immersive.

◎CT-508 supports overhead installation. There are four mounting points on the rear panel of the box body. Multi-angle aiming bracket is allowed when installed on the ceiling.



Speaker Mode... CT - 508

Type the Type... 8" two-way Theater and Karaoke speaker

Cell type Loudspeaker Type...... HIFI level custom 8 inch 38 core 120 magnetic bass unit

                                                   Italian custom 25 core treble unit

Frequency response Frequency response... 65-20 KHZ (±3 db)

Rated output Power, rated... 180 w

Sensitivity Sensitivity... 94 db

The loudest level SPL Max... 110 db continuous

Impedance Impedance... 8 Ω

Diffusion Angle Dispersion... 85 ° 85 °

Size Dimension HxWxD... 327 * 378 * 215 mm

Net Net weight... 10 kg

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