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TRS-HA1 Theater Amplifier

Product Description

Design features:

1. This product adopts 64Bit high-speed DSP, 114DB large dynamic ADC and DAC dynamic large frequency response, and supports sampling rate from 48K to 192K.

2. The machine has three HDMI inputs and one HDMI output, supports 3D and 4K video data transmission, audio bitstream and LPCM.

3. The machine has analog input, fiber input, coaxial input, support full format audio decoding

4. Two-channel microphone input, independent adjustment, independent pressure limit, EQ, high-low cut, feedback suppression and noise gate.

5. Each output has independent delay, dynamic compression and level display.

6. High quality singing (stereo echo + stereo reverberation)

7. There are independent high-low pass filters for each input and output, including echo reverberation, with 12 modes optional beyond the functions of ordinary processors

8. There are two independent feedback suppressors, each with 5 stages adjustable

9.USB connection to computer, driveless installation system, more convenient connection, no longer have to install the driver trouble.


Technical indicators:

Parameter name                      Default value         Range

Reverberation time:                      4650ms               0ms... 6200 ms

Pre-delay reverb:                           26ms                   0ms... 250 ms

Reverberation:                               26%                      0&... 150%

Echo time:                                     250ms                  100ms... 475 ms

Echo rate:                                      70 %                      0... 90%

Music master volume:                   28                          0... 88

Music main channel output volume:  100%                0... 150%

Music surround volume:                  100%                   0... 150%

Music ultra-low volume:                   100%                  0... 150%

Microphone master volume:             38                       0... 88

Microphone with volume around:    100%                  0... 150%

Medium volume:                              100%                   0... 150%

Effect volume:                                    48                       0... 88

Echo main channel volume:            100%                    0... 150%

Reverberation main channel:          100%                    0... 150%


Music Section:

SNR:           > 95dB (through)

Distortion (THD):               0.01% 20 Hz- 20 KHZ

Input sensitivity/impedance:            0.77V/4K7

The maximum output:      8Vpp/ 60OHm balanced output

Second channel audio input :        --+ 3dB

Output sensitivity/impedance: 1Vpp/750ohm

Distortion (THD) :      0.07%20Hz- 250Hz

Frequency response:      20Hz--250Hz ± 0.5dB

MIC input (three-way microphone input)

SNR:     > 80dB (effect on)

Distortion (THD):      0.04%50 HZ-16 KHZ (Effect off)

Input sensitivity/impedance:     - 32dB /4700 ohms

The output power:      8 Ω ,   The maximum output per channel:   200W

The output power:      4Ω ,   The maximum output per channel:     380W

Power supply :    AC180V-- 240V/50Hz

Fuse :     5A 250VAC delay insurance

The maximum power consumption:      1200W     standby: 3.5W

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