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SK1Intelligent central controller

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1. The host adopts 2-inch LCD display, Chinese menu display, fast operation and control;
2. The factory equipment to support the direct selection of third-party devices need to enter the corresponding central control code;
3. 2-way RS485 interface by sending the central control code, control of electric curtains, electric curtains and other equipment with RS485 protocol control;
4. 1-way wall plate interface, which can realize parallel use of wall panels and support the actual function control of external control panels;
5. 3-way RF interface, can realize scattering infrared emission, docking infrared transmitter extension cable for infrared forwarding, to realize the control of infrared devices;
6. 12-channel relay circuit power supply, background lighting and small power equipment switching control, each channel can be independently realized 999S delay, the maximum current of a single circuit 5A, the total current ≥ 20A;
7. 10-bit dry contact switch control, to achieve 2 groups of electric doors and windows, electric curtains, fresh air machine control and other equipment control;
8. 12 groups of modes can be saved, call, but also through different mode settings to achieve different scenes free switching;
9. Wide voltage design, 100~240V50/60Hz can be used for normal work.

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