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BR series product features: BR series subwoofer has 3 specifications, BR-115S, BR-118S, BR-218S. This series of subwoofer has a wide range of uses. With high-efficiency power conversion performance, it can meet all kinds of professional sound reinforcement applications, such as: fixed installation, small and medium-sized sound reinforcement systems and as a bass system for mobile performances. Its compact box design is especially suitable for various bars, multi-function halls, open spaces and other comprehensive projects.

The J series full frequency with high-precision compression driver has smooth, wide directivity and excellent power active protection performance, resulting in more efficient power output.


Product model: BR-218S

Unit: 2×18” imported FANE woofers

Impedance: 4Ω

Frequency response: 38Hz-150Hz

Rated power: 1400W

Sensitivity: 100dB

Maximum sound pressure level: 129db

Dimensions (WxHxD): 1100x585x570mm

Weight: 67.5kg

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