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T-24  T-32
(T24 / 4RU) 20-channel signal input and 2 stereo signal inputs
(T32 / 4RU) 28-channel signal input and 2 stereo signal inputs
◇ 2 groups and 2 mixed outputs; AUX auxiliary output, 2 track signal input; SEND effect send and RETURN stereo return port; 2 independent recording output and monitor ports
◇ With IF sweep, adjustable frequency
◇ Low noise, high precision microphone preamplifier, perfect sound quality
◇ The sound effector is composed of YAMAHA (Yamaha) YSS series digital chips, 16 kinds of ECHO / or DSP effects, realistic sound field, and high-brightness blue digital tube display; 7-band stereo graphic equalizer
◇ Balanced microphone XLR input and balanced line TRS input, 3-channel equalization, 100mm dual slide fader made in Taiwan, feel smooth and durable
◇ Independent PFL switch, can monitor channel input, recording input signal and reverb, main mix and group output signals
◇ + 48V phantom power, providing polarized voltage for input port and convenient connection of condenser microphone
◇ Crossover scanning subwoofer output, compatible with many occasions such as performing arts, conferences, disco entertainment, etc .; headphone monitoring interface
◇ USB sound card playback function, you can use a USB cable to connect to a computer to play music, and you can control the computer volume, select songs, play and pause functions
◇ SD card reader and file download function, can be connected to a computer to read, edit and download SD card files
◇ USB and SD dual media storage interface
◇ MP3, WAV and WMA three-decoding multimedia player, multi-language menu, synchronous display of Chinese and English lyrics and song title, 5 built-in equalization modes
◇ 2.8-inch oversized blue light LCD (liquid crystal) display
◇ Built-in WAV format digital recording function, can be recorded live
◇ Accurate logarithmic dual 10-bit LED level display
◇ Removable aluminum alloy side plate for easy installation in the cabinet
◇ National Semiconductor's power solution, 85-260V world power voltage, ener

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