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System index RF range: 645.05-695.05MHz (A channel: 645-665, B channel: 665-695)

Available bandwidth: 30MHz per channel (60MHz total)

Modulation method: FM frequency modulationNumber of channels: 200 infrared channels

Operating temperature: -18 ° C to 50 ° C

Noise suppression method: automatic noise detection and digital ID code squelch

Offset: 45KHz

Dynamic range:> 110dB

Audio response: 60Hz-18KHz

Comprehensive signal-to-noise ratio:> 105dB

Comprehensive distortion: <0.5%

Receiver index:

Receiving method: secondary frequency superheterodyne, dual-tuned true diversity reception

Oscillation mode: PLL phase-locked loop

IF frequency: first IF: 110MHz,

Second IF: 10.7MHz

Antenna interface: TNC socket

Display: LCD

Sensitivity: -100dBm (40dB S / N)

Spurious suppression:> 80dB

Audio output:

Unbalanced: + 4dB (1.25V) / 5KΩ

Balance: + 10dB (1.5V) / 600Ω

Power supply voltage: DC12V

Supply current: 450mA

Transmitter index: (908 emission)

Oscillation mode: PLL phase-locked loop

Output power: 3dBm-10dBm (LO / HI conversion)

Battery: 2x"1.5V 5AA” batteries

Current: <100mA (HF), <80mA (LF)

Operating time (alkaline battery): about 8 hours at high power.

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