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◆ The main output is 350W x 2 high power.

◆ Two microphone input sockets, located on the front panel, for external wireless microphones or wired microphones.

◆ Support audio fiber, HDMI input, which can realize the lossless transmission of digital audio and eliminate ground interference from audio sources.

◆ Three analog audio inputs (two of them are RCA sockets, one is 3.5 stereo sockets).  

◆ Support Bluetooth, USB audio input, and have the function of up and down song switch control of U disk.  

◆ REC / SUB (recording / subwoofer) and a set of AUX auxiliary audio output connectors.  

◆ Three-in-one-out HDMI switching module for easy controlling of multi-audio source input.  

◆ 2.8-inch large color screen for clear operation information; ◆ Wide voltage input (AC INPUT 100-240V 50 / 60Hz) + PFC circuit , Wider power adaptability, more energy saving and environmental protection.

◆ Multi-level adjustment for tone adjustment for music input.  

◆ Digital frequency shift feedback suppression for microphone input.  

◆ Multi-DSP parallel processing architecture to improve real-time processing ability.  

◆ Music, microphone and effect volume setting when turning on and maximum volume lock function; music, microphone Effect setting when turning on.

◆ Music and microphone are equipped with 7-segment parameter equalization.

◆ Class D power amplifier technology is used to provide strong energy, stable work and high efficiency.  

◆ Preset a variety of national effect modes, and reserve user-settable effects Mode.  

◆ Humanized selection of automatic or manual parameters saving.

◆ Net weight: 6KG  

◆ Body size: 429 * 76 * 383mm

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TRS speakers in the United States, with the perfect combination of natural art and advanced professional technology, have always been loved by global sound engineers and acoustic designers for their high definition and strong shock.

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