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◎Automatic AC soft-start protection at startup: Suppresses the starting current, does not affect the operation of other equipment and protects the internal circuit of the machine from impact.

◎It has a full-featured protection system, especially infinite overload protection, and can calmly face to the stereo 2 ohm load.

◎Delayed loading after startup: Protect the speaker from impact and start up silently.

◎DC output load protection: When the neutral point drifts and there is DC output, it can prevent the speaker from being damaged by impact.

◎Over-current automatic tracking output current-limiting soft protection: When the load impedance is too low and the input signal is over-excited, the power amplifier itself and the speaker are protected.

◎Clipping voltage limit protection: When the input signal is too large, it will make the power amplifier peak clipping distorted output, and it is easy to damage the speaker. This circuit can automatically detect the compression signal to protect the speaker.

◎Overheating protection: When the temperature of the power tube exceeds 80 degrees, the overheating protection automatically starts to cut off the load; when it is lower than 70 degrees, it automatically resumes work.

◎Load short-circuit protection: When the output is short-circuited, the short-circuit current is too large, the protection automatically cuts off the output, protects the power amplifier, and automatically recovers when the short-circuit is removed.

◎Shutdown protection: cut off the load when shutting down, to realize silent shutdown to protect speaker.



Model............                        D-4                                       D-6                                             D-8  

Stereo Mode......      Average continuous output        Average continuous output         Average continuous output

8Ω 20Hz-20KHz,0.03% THD              400W                           600w                                         800w

4Ω 20Hz-20KHz,0.05% THD              600W                           900w                                         1200w

2Ω 1KHz               1% THD              800W                           1100w                                        1400w

Input sensitivity...                   0.77V/1.0V/1.55V              0.77V/1.0V/1.55V                        0.77V/1.0V/1.55V

Output circuit                           H frequency                       H frequency                                H frequency

Damping constant.....                      >420                             >480                                          >520  

Distortion(SMPTE-IM)                       -                               <0.01%8Ω                                 <0.01%8Ω

Frequency response                  20Hz-20KHz,±0.1dB

Input impedance             20KΩ Balance  10KΩ unbalance

Cool                        Variable speed fan with airflow from back to front

Connectors  Input:Balance XLR interface;Output:4-core seakon

Amplifier protection: Turning-on protection;short-circuit;direct-current;overheat; Reset switch and over audio protection device

Load protection: Automatic mute switch, DC fault power is automatically disconnected

Weight                                 16Kg                                     18Kg                                            19KG

Dimensions                   483x89x456.5mm                    483x89x456.5mm                          483x89x456.5mm 


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