16 years like a day, moving forward in exploration -- Interview with Zhang Jie, general manager of Foshan Lingjie sound Co., Ltd

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Maybe you are a little unfamiliar with the name of Lingjie sound, maybe you are a loyal fan and close partner of Lingjie sound, but if you often experience karaoke, home theater and other products, you have more or less inadvertently met with them. In recent years, with the continuous chaos in the entertainment industry, changes in the state's attitude towards the entertainment industry and the adjustment of policies, many places of entertainment have been closed for rectification. On the other hand, most enterprises started by individuals or families will face the problem of enterprise inheritance. The founders and successors of enterprises need to think about whether the son inherits the father's business or whether the capable person is superior. In the face of these challenges, how to deal with Lingjie audio, which has been in the entertainment market for 16 years? How will the change of market environment and the change of enterprise talents affect Lingjie sound? With these problems, world show has an exclusive interview with Mr. Zhang Jie, general manager of Foshan Lingjie sound Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Lingjie sound"). As one of the representatives of his son and father, he will tell us the back story and future layout of Lingjie people.

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