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◎ CA series power amplifier has five models, which can provide you with output power selection from 450W to 2700W per channel. Users can flexibly match the speaker load requirements, the area of the sound reinforcement venue, and the acoustic conditions of the venue. The CA series can provide the most popular speaker speakers

  Optimal and applicable amplification power.

◎ CA series power amplifier uses class H amplifier circuit design, power utilization rate is up to 90%, can meet 2 ohm, 4 ohm or 8 ohm load, is the best matching power amplifier for popular high power speakers;

◎ Using high redundancy toroidal power transformer to ensure the reliability of working performance;

◎ Two balanced XLR inputs, two balanced XLR LINK link outputs, using professional Speakon® sockets and fixed installation common terminals;

◎ The output power can be quickly converted from low power to high power within one millionth of a second, ensuring that the output power is always accurately output according to the needs of the music program;

◎ Power amplifier internal protection circuit is powerful: output current limit, DC protection, overheating protection, short circuit protection.



Model............                                CA-3000                            CA4000                            CA-6000                                CA-8000                                 CA-1.3

Stereo Mode               Average continuous output    Average continuous output     Average continuous output    Average continuous output   Average  continuous output

8Ω 20Hz-20KHz,0.03% THD              300W                              400w                                   600W                                  800W                                     1300w

4Ω 20Hz-20KHz,0.05% THD              450W                              600w                                   900W                                 1200W                                    2700w

2Ω 1KHz          1% THD                      -                                  800w                                   1100W                                1400W                                       -

bridge connection mode. Balanced continuous output Balanced continuous output  Balanced continuous output   Balanced continuous output  Balanced continuous output

8Ω 20Hz-20KHz,0.1% THD               700W                               1000W                                1800W                                2000W                                    4000W

4Ω 1KHz         1% THD                       -                                   1200W                                2000W                                2400W                                    5200W

Input sensitivity输入灵敏度       0.77V/1.0V/1.55V               0.77V/1.0V/1.55V                  0.77V/1.0V/1.55V                  0.77V/1.0V/1.55V                 0.77V/1.0V/1.55V

Output circuit输出电路                  H frequency                      H frequency                           H frequency                        H frequency                            H frequency

Damping constant.....                      >380                                >420                                     >480                                  >520                                     >520

Distortion(SMPTE-IM)失真                   -                                      -                                     <0.01%8Ω                         <0.01%8Ω                             <0.01%8Ω

Frequency response                  20Hz-20KHz,±0.1dB 

Input impedance             20KΩ Balance  10KΩ unbalance

Cool                        Variable speed fan with airflow from back to front

Connectors接线端子: Input:Balance XLR interface;Output:4-core seakon

Amplifier protection功放保护: Turning-on protection;short-circuit;direct-current;overheat; Reset switch and over audio protection device

Load protection负载保护: Automatic mute switch, DC fault power is automatically disconnected

Weight                                          17Kg                                     17Kg                                  22Kg                                 23Kg                                      41Kg

Dimensions                              483x420x88mm                      483x420x88mm                  483x490x88mm                   483x490x88mm                   483x510x132mm


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